Announcement: Steel Mezzanines | Why You Need Them

Picture of Industrial Steel MezzanineIn the construction of business premises facilities, somehow even with the perfect design some of the areas are unusable and this translates to the loss of opportunity to increase profits by expanding plant capacity. Sometimes, however, one needs to add useable floor space without incurring expensive lease cost for other buildings. Steel mezzanines offer you the opportunity to do just this without costly acquisition of expanding business facility premises, construction delays and the challenges of finding and being leased business facility space in order to expand capacity.

Mezzanines manufacturing

A steel mezzanine allows you to get to use all levels and platforms of your facility as it adds new space. It allows you to be innovative in putting to use or change the use of an area with its different designs to meet everyday evolving needs of your company. As the safety factor has already been considered and put in the engineering process, the durability of mezzanine such as KABTech Corp’s warehouse mezzanines meet and surpass the standard requirements of its engineering allowing one to use it wherever and however they please.

Typically column steel mezzanines measure 6″ by 6″ 3/16 “tubular steel as a standard guide measurement and thus provide consistent strength in all directions. However in considering specific clients, the facility in question comes to play and the column spacing is designed so as to meet the specific facility needs

Types of decking surface for steel mezzanines

Plywood/ resin floor over B deck floor

This is by far the most common choice that is chosen by clients as it can be put to use for a variety of uses. It s by far the most affordable and it provides a smooth working space that thus makes it the most popular. Its engineering combine’s plywood with polythene coated wood or option of resin that is fire retardant. With the addition of recyclable parts, the plywood can be simply replaced that has been damaged in high traffic areas. However, the durability of the deck flooring makes this suitable for storage areas.

Steel bar grating

This is another use where the incorporation of steel mezzanines is proving useful. This type allows light penetration and adequate air flow and it eliminates the need of having lower sprinkler system as the water can seep past it without causing any damage. This is a great strong economical alternative to the plywood and B deck floor.

Diamond textured steel plating

The diamond textured steel plating is the robust of the steel mezzanines features. It is availed in 12 gauge diamond textured and it is simply excellent for high traffic areas or subject to intense cleaning. Though being the most expensive of the types, its durability makes it worthwhile as it provides the greatest wear resistance and its design reduces slippage.

Stairs and landing

Steel mezzanines stairs that are built to last as the engineering is superb. Designed for ease of assembly on site with nut and bolt process, the stairs is one of the most useful features that allow one access to rather inaccessible high deck areas. it comes in various design features, that include; straight run, I shaped or U shaped. Stair risers are integrated with its use that get to be opened and closed with one having the option of having stair treads that are either anti- slip tape or flat steel. With the ability to carry a minimum of 1000 lbs at the center of the tread and are useful when the stairs are used in parallel or are required to turn the corners thus manufactured to your custom facility requirements


With the addition of steel mezzanines deck system and platform, the use of handrails is by far the most innovative and logical addition to have It is easily installed with nut and bolt system hence it eliminates the need for constant welding to assemble. The handrails are side mounted on the steel mezzanines deck to maximum your deck space and thus not eat into useful space as it were The designs available include wire mesh rails, picket style and 3 rail design handrails. This work as a virtual feature and a safety block in the instances one slips and falls they can’t topple over


Steel mezzanines gate addition is a useful system that allows you access to your floor level mezzanines. They work as a safety block and are especially useful when using forklifts to unload and load pallets onto the mezzanines. There are three designs are availed for maximum design and flexibility depending on the reason for use that include 6″ slide gate, 6″ swing gate and 6″ lift gate.

Safety cages ladders

As steel mezzanines provide your facility with more useful space and platform areas on decks, getting access to these areas without using stairs is important. This form a secondary feature hat proves useful and helps you get access to raised platforms especially so rooftops. To get the added safety, handrails and custom dome rails are custom-made to ensure that the safety of the individual is upheld. They are men t to prevent falls and injuries especially when heights are over 12 meters high.

Why use steel mezzanines?

This is a quite easily answered as the use of mezzanines in constructions is much easier when compared to traditional construction and building of business facility. It delivers and provides the much needed new space, converting formerly available unusable space a for a number of uses. As expected it helps any business franchise to make significant savings when creating office space, staging, storage area , conveyors, in plant offices without need of enlarging the business permanently or going through the premises construction license procedures in order for one to grow business.

With steel mezzanines, one is assured of durability and having a polished finished outlook to a facilities site helping one keep organized and have much needed order. The good thing with steel mezzanines is that they are durable and can be used however or whenever you choose. That it, it can be expanded, assembles, dismantled, reassembled to a new facility without adding another extra cost of ending its useful life hence the best investment for expanding business facility.